Why chess, scrabble should be adopted in schools – Pedagogue


An educator, Mr. David Olawale, suggested adopting chess and scrabble in the education system to strengthen students’ mental capacities.

Olawale, who is the principal of White Waters School in Ojo, near Lagos, made the suggestion in an interview with the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) on Friday in Lagos.

He said the games were relevant in improving the thinking ability of schoolchildren and improving their social skills.

“Students should play chess and scrabble because they have great benefits for the brain and the games help students perform well in the classroom.

“By playing chess and scrabble, students will get used to sitting longer and thinking about problems and skills that can be of great benefit in the classroom.

“I believe chess and scrabble should be incorporated into the kindergarten through high school curriculum.

“It will be an innovation and a step forward in the Nigerian education sector if these games can be included in the program.”

Olawale said his school recently hosted the 2nd edition of their Close Chess and the 1st edition of the Intermediate Scrabble Championship, where students were able to put what they learned into practice.

Games strengthen a child’s social skills and introduce valuable life skills that can help children in the classroom and on the playground.

“Playing these games in particular can also improve cognitive skills such as math, logic, strategic thinking, and retentive memory.

“What we intend to achieve from competitions like this is to develop a child’s thinking ability and physical exercise helps improve and strengthen their muscles.

“They also help stimulate their brain constantly, thus improving brain performance.
We also intend to expose their minds as they think.

“We intend to restructure their thinking so that they can think for themselves. So that in the future they can contribute to the growth of this country by inventing and producing, not just by working for others.

“We just have to encourage the right mindset. We will continue to hold such a competition every year, to allow our students to show all the skills they have acquired in class.

“We hope to see few of our students succeed in international and national competitions,” said Olawale.

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