Wyoming’s Favorite Board Game Starts With M And It’s Not A Monopoly

During Thanksgiving weekend, since you’ll be surrounded by family and friends, maybe one of the things you can indulge in after dinner is a fun board game. Maybe you already have this as a tradition. Or maybe you have a game night every week. No matter how you do it, everyone has their favorite board game. So what is Wyoming?

I’m not someone who has typical game nights and I feel like it’s been years and years since I’ve had my fill of board games. That is, of course, if “Cards Against Humanity” doesn’t count. It’s not a “board” game, so it shouldn’t really matter. However, there was the traditional Christmas Eve party that my brother and best friend had had for several years in a row when we were playing Monopoly.

It’s one of the most intense board games you can play, especially given the competitive nature we’ve played. There were many games where someone would flip the board in frustration at the end of the game. I would say Monopoly would be my favorite, like many others. It was even the favorite board game of most states, chosen by eight of them. But one of them was not from Wyoming. However, the Wyoming choice begins with an “M”. It’s something called Mancala. What is that?

Apparently it’s something that looks like the above. Honestly, I never played it. Based on this video, here’s how …

As for me, I will stick to Monopoly. But yes, Wyomingites love Mancala. Hungry Hungry Hippos, Dungeons & Dragons, Backgammon and Chess round out the top five in terms of the number of states that have chosen each game as their favorite. Wyoming was the only state to choose Mancala.

So maybe this holiday weekend you might get a fun Mancala game. As for me, if I play a board game, I think I’ll stick with Monopoly.

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